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hey everyone!! my school recently notified all the students that housing is being completely dissolved and since i work for the school in the housing department, i'm losing both my job and home at the moment u__u
i'm hopefully moving back into my grandfather's house for the time being and taking a decent break from college while i sort things out and attempt to find a new job. until i'm settled and moved back in, i'll probably be rather inactive.... but once i'm home again, i'll have more or less all summer to crank out art so i should actually be able to do things much faster! i only have one or two commissions on my roster at the moment so i just wanted to notify those of you that i may be a little behind on getting those done but i'll do my absolute best to get them out ASAP!! thank you so much for understanding!
Heyo! i’m just about finished with all of my commissions and i will be in need of food and essentials money here very soon so i’m going to open up some slots! 
i’m thinking of trying something new? if you’d like a slot, just comment with what you’d be interested in getting and with what character/s and i will reply to you if i’m willing to accept! i’ll take a few at a time... that way everyone gets more of a fair shot at nabbing a slot! if i don’t reply to you immediately, i’ll keep your comment here for reference and i’ll note you when i’m willing to take some more! let’s give it a go!
it’s 6 am and im dissociating 
i wrote this and i was going to keep it to myself but maybe it’ll help  someone